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    Website update for MON. JAN. 24, 2022


       Five STAR BEST BET Wins




Update by DB Williams and Rowland Upchurch


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Greg's 5 STAR BEST BET was a nail bitter, but his clients, as well as him, won in OT with the Chiefs on the Money Line, (42-36.) His 5 STAR BEST BETS are now 20-04 = 83.3% vs. the numbers.


Greg's 3-Pack of BEST BETS went 2-1 on the weekend, his 5 STAR BEST BET won with the Chiefs, (42-36,) and his 4 STAR  on the 49ers +6 won, (13-10,) and he lost his 4.5 STAR on the Titans -3, (19-16.) He lost with the Buccaneers -2.5, (30-27,) and won a non monitored second half wager on the Chiefs/Bills over 27 points, (50 combined points,) and pushed with the Rams second half team total over 10 points as they scored exactly 10.


Monday's update will resume this afternoon.


2021/2022 College Basketball Systems by Greg Dempson

Last season in College hoops, (regular season and March Madness,) I finished with a percentage of 55.74% and +$7,273.00 as documented at Sports Watch Monitor.

NCAA-B System for MON JAN 24, (is PENDING)

Click onto the NCAA-B link at the top of the Home Page Monday for the next system.

The College hoops systems are 24-11 as LSU +6 lost on Saturday, (64-50,) 


Sunday's College hoops comp is a PASS, click onto the NCAA-B link at the top of the home page on Monday.


NBA System for MON JAN 24 by Greg Dempson
The next NBA system will be posted on today

The systems record this season is 20-21 ATS.

Monday's system is posted.

My Monday NBA system is pending.


My Monday NBA comp is PENDING, click onto the NBA link up top of the Home Page on Monday.


NFL First Half System by Greg Dempson

Conference Finals

My Sunday first half system is pending, click onto the NFL Link noted above on Saturday.

My next first half system is pending, click onto the NFL Link at the top of the Home Page Saturday evening.


For Greg's YouTube channel with all his podcasts, click here, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLLKP2zQxkNLL0Xxs5s2cVA


Greg's MLB record for 2021 has produced a ROI of 7.17 with a record of 167-133 = 55.7% and +$6,108.00 as documented at Sports Watch Monitor, www.sportswatchmonitor.com. 

(First 5 inning wagers and team totals aren't monitored and not included in this record.)


In COMBO Basketball, Greg finished the 2020/2021 NBA and College basketball season ranked #2 in ROI, with a (Return on Investment) of 5.46 and +$8,443.00 with a combined record of 201-173 = 54.4% as documented at Sports Watch Monitor, visit www.sportswatchmonitor.com


Greg's Sunday comp was:



Greg's Sunday System was:

Rams/Bucs under 24 @ -120, (20-03,) winner


(Greg's selections are monitored and posted shortly after the games start at Sports Watch Monitor as well as being monitored at The Sports Monitor.)


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Greg's now 19-04 = 82.6% ATS with his 5 STAR BEST BETS as LSU won on JAN. 08.


His 5 STARS success rate is better than 80% ATS in 30+ years. Greg's next 5 STAR


BEST BET is posted, click onto the Purchase Picks link, then watch and win by clicking here.


 If Greg doesn't win, then his next NFL BEST BET Package is on him. 


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  • Angles by R. Upchurch for Greg Dempson
  • Greg's Monday comp selections and angles are noted below and his Tweets are in progress. 
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  • #1, Greg's top angle for Monday is pending.
  • #2, Greg Monday NHL Comp is pending.
  • #3, Greg's first half College Basketball system is PENDING and will begin shortly.
  • #4, Greg's NFL Super Angle for next week is PENDING, click onto the NFL link at the top of the home page next week.
  • #5, Greg's NFL Playoff first half System is PENDING, click onto the NFL link at the top of the home page THIS AFTERNOON. 
  • #6, Click below NEXT WEEK for Mr. "D.s" NFL full game system.


NFL 2021 Super Systems, click here Saturday evening for Greg's next NFL system

Mr. "D.'s" NFL systems had returned for the 2021-2022 season.


NFL 2021 Complementary Selections, click here Saturday evening for Greg's next complementary NFL play

Greg's NFL comps have returned.


College Football Super Systems

College Bowl Games

Check back in August 2022

Click here next season for Greg's next College football system

Greg's College Saturday systems are 10-06 ATS.


College Football Complementary Selections, click here in August for Greg's next College Comp selection


Each documented sports monitoring site utilizes various sports books and one site might grade a selection as a push at +3 while the other site might have a sports book offer a line of +3.5 points, so there will be slight differences between the two monitoring sites as Mr. "D." is proudly monitored by The Sports Monitor, (and has been since the 2000 season) as well as Sports Watch Monitor.