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Website update for Tuesday March 19, 2019





4.5 STAR BEST BET is a Winner



Plus The "First 4" Begins Tonight



As well as the NIT, CBI and the CIT




by DB Williams and Rowland Upchurch


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Greg had only one selection last night but it was a good one as his 4.5 STAR BEST BET on the Portland Trailblazers covered the -3.5 points continuously with 1:10 left before the conclusion of the first-half. From that point onward their lead was never less than 5 points and they were ahead by as many as 21 points before closing with the "W.

The Pacers led 41-30 with nine minutes remaining in the second quarter, but the Trail Blazers outscored them 63-31 over the next 22 minutes of game time, turning an 11-point deficit into a 21-point lead by the opening minute of the fourth quarter.

The Pacers have lost their last 10 games in Portland, (and they haven't won at the Moda Center since Nov. 28, 2007.)


Previous NBA BEST BET Winners

4.5 STAR BEST BET on 03/18/19, T-BLAZERS -3.5, (106-98,) WINNER

4.5 STAR BEST BET on 03/06/19, PISTONS -5, (131-114,) WINNER

4.5 STAR BEST BET on 02/23/19, JAZZ -10, (125-109,) WINNER

4.5 STAR BEST BET on 03/27/18, CLIPPERS -3, (105-98,) WINNER

4.0 STAR BEST BET on 03/21/18, CLIPPERS +5, (127-120,) WINNER

4.0 STAR BEST BET on 11/09/17, NUGGETS +2, 104-92,) WINNER


Tuesday's update is in progress.


To see who Mr. "D." is wagering on, click onto Today's Selections at the top of the page and then click onto the current sports that he handicaps, NFL, NCAA-Football NBA and College Basketball. He was 16-14-01 ATS in the NFL in December, (including teasers,) 23-14-01 ATS in College Bowls and 0-2 at the end of the regular season of College football, as well as 09-10-01 ATS in the NBA and 38-26 ATS in College hoops for an overall record of 86-66-02 ATS, (including the New Years Day Bowls.)


Greg went 6-1 ATS in 2018 with his 5 STAR BEST BETS as his last 5 STAR lost on the 


Steelers -3, (30-33,) December 2.  He's 12-01 vs. the numbers with his 5 STARS.


You can follow Greg's selections on Sports Watch Monitor as they are posted shortly after the games kick-off, (puck is dropped, etc.) The exceptions are buying a half-point on totals as neither monitor site offers that as a monitored selection. They only allow -1.5 goals or the money line in hockey as well, not games listed at -1 goal.


Greg's First Half Systems posted by DB Williams on behalf of Greg Dempson

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  • Greg's Monday night first half system on the Wizards lost, (56-45.)
  • Greg's first half Tuesday NBA system is pending.


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Greg's next BEST BET goes tonight, a 4.5 STAR BEST BET, watch and win



by clicking here.  Greg has cashed five consecutive NBA BEST BETS. 


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