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NHL Outdoor Hockey Games

Outdoor hockey in the NHL began on November 22, 2003 in Edmonton as the Oilers hosted the Canadiens a game won by Montreal 4-3 in what was billed as the Heritage Classic. There was an additional Heritage Classic played at McMahon Stadium in Calgary on February 20, 2011 between the Flames and Canadiens, a game won 4-0 by Calgary.

On New Year’s Day (2014,) the NHL played the winter classic in Ann Arbor Stadium between two Original Six teams, the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Detroit RedWings. That game was won by Toronto, 3-2. What the league did was transport the boards, benches and glass from the Winter Classic. The ice making crew has built up the ice in stages patiently during the last 10 days. The league's ice-making crew covered the sheet in a heat-reflecting blanket during the day and worked through the night to establish a game-worthy surface. Both teams got their only practice on the ice last night under clouds and cooler temperatures than the recent string of 80 degree California days. I did not buy into the great or reasonable ice scenario.
When reviewing all nine outdoor games one scenario stands out, seven of the eight games have produced 5 or less combined goals while the total has gone 2-6-1 when investing on the under. Since 2010 the totals are 0-5-1 to the under including the Kings and Ducks