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2022 Monday Night Football Systems

Here are Greg's Monday Night Football Systems

An asterisk indicates an investment on a side or total


These systems are 3-3-2 ATS.


#09, 11/21/22. Cardinals vs. 49ers

  • When the total is between 42.5 and 49 points, play the UNDER when a team is off a home straight up win but non cover as a favorite and they're playing against an opponent that's off an upset win as a road underdog. This system is 17-48 = 74% to the UNDER since 1983.
  • Greg's week 11 Monday night system is on the under at 43 points in the Cardinals and 49ers game.


08, 11/07/22, Ravens* at the Saints

  • Play on money line favorites, a team with a turnover differential of +0.75 or better per game, when playing against a team with a differential of -0.75 or worse per game, after two consecutive games with a turnover margin of +1 or better. This system is 31-03 = 91% ATS the past 10 seasons when investing on the Ravens.
  • Greg's week nine Monday night system is on the Baltimore Ravens* @ -130 on the money line, (27-13,) WON.


#07, 10/31/22, Bengals at Browns

  • Play home teams winning between 25% to 40% of their games under the total when off a road loss against a division rival when the O/U is between 42.5 to 49 points and they are playing a team with a winning. This system is 04-2 = 85.7% to the UNDER the last 10 seasons.
  • Greg's week eight system is for the Bengals and Browns to stay under the total of 45 points @ -110, (32-13,) PUSH.


#06, 10/2422, Bears at Patriots

  • Play Inter-Division games OVER the total when the O/U is between 35.5 and 42 points, This system is 142-82 = 63.4% the past 10 seasons and +51.80-units.
  • Greg's week seven system is for the Bears and Patriots to sail over 40 points @ -118, (33-14,) WON.


#05, 10/17/22, Broncos at Chargers

  • Play a team with a winning record under the total in the first half, (applies to the Chargers,) after a road game where both teams scored 24 or more points, and the team with a winning record is playing a losing team. This system is 12-35 = 74.5% to the UNDER the past five seasons.
  • Greg's week six system is on the under at 23 points @ -110 in the first half, (13-10,) PUSH.


#04, 10/10/22, Raiders at Chiefs

  • After winning three out of their last four games, (applies to the Chiefs,) play the over in the first half in games played between week five through nine when the first half total is 25 or higher. This system is 29-08 = 78.4% to the over the last five seasons.
  • Greg's week five system is on the Raiders and Chiefs to sail over the first half total of 26 points @ -110, (20-10,) WON.


#03, 10/03/22, Rams at 49ers

  • When the first half line is + or -1.5 points play on road teams after a road win against a division rival. This system is 29-07 = 80.6% ATS the last 10 seasons.
  • Greg's week four system is on the LA Rams +1.5 @ -110 in the first half, (14-06,) lost.


#02, 09/26/22, Cowboys at Giants

  •  Play on first half favorites vs. after a win by 3 or less points when playing against an opponent after a win by 6 points or less. This system is 34-11 = 75.6% ATS the last 10 seasons.
  • Greg's week three system is on the Giants -½ point @ +115 in the first half, (6-3,) lost.


#01, 09/19/22, Vikings at Eagles

  • In the month of September and following a straight up win by 10 or more points vs. a division rival, play road teams over the total. This system is 74-36 = 67% OVER since 1983.
  • Greg's week two system is for the Vikings/Eagles over the total of 49 @ -120, (24-07,) lost.